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In a effort to raise money for the trial in December, a Klamath Falls, Oregon woman offered to put donations cans in several places in Klamath Falls. We appreciated the offer and allowed her to do this.

After several weeks, we became suspicious of the idea because little,if any, money was actually deposited in the account.

Around October 1st, Jamie traveled to Klamath Falls in hopes of discovering the outcome of the donation cans. We didn't expect what she would find. Read below for the news article on this discovery.

If you donated money to this cause in Klamath Falls, please contact the Klamath Falls police so we can verify this and compile information to possibly prosecute this person.

The trial has now been postponed until April 1st in Ketchikan.


Police Investigate Possible Fundraising Fraud

Klamath Falls -- The case started when a Klamath Falls woman offered to help raise money for a Grants Pass family that needed help paying for travel expenses to a trial in Alaska.

Josh Rowden faces first and second degree murder charges in the death of young Adrian Barton, the Grants Pass man's son. The murder trial is set for December 2nd.

A stranger offered to help raise money for the family so they could be at the trial. The woman put out donation cans and posters at several Klamath Falls locations to raise money for baby Adrian's family. But over time... store clerks grew suspicious. The clerks estimate there was more money given than reflected in the $214 in the fund's account, and now police are investigating.

One store manager refused to give the last can full of money to the woman, after talking with the family and finding out that the woman had been telling people she was the baby's grandmother.

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