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Family and Friends rushed to Seattle Children's Hospital after hearing about Adrian's abuse. They stayed throughout the terrible ordeal, dedicating Adrian to God, and watching over each other during this terrible time.

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Four Generations together

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Matt watching over Adrian

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Uncle Eric with Adrian

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Adrian with Mohawk

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Sweet Adrian

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Aunt Deanna with Adrian

family7t.jpg (3791 bytes)

Aunt Jessica and Adrian

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Matthew, Eric, Britnee
with Adrian

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Aunt Jessica holding Adrian

family10t.jpg (3308 bytes)

Matthew holding Adrian

family11t.jpg (4584 bytes)

Aunt Jessica & Adrian

family12t.jpg (3940 bytes)

Aunt Sarah & Adrian

family13t.jpg (3229 bytes)

Aunt Sarah & Grandpa John

family14t.jpg (3076 bytes)

Ricky and Adrian

family15t.jpg (3940 bytes)

Aunt Robin, Jessica,
and Adrian

family16t.jpg (4346 bytes)

Uncle Eric holding Adrian

family17t.jpg (4057 bytes)

Aunt Jessica with Adrian

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Memorial Board

family19t.jpg (3796 bytes)

Eric and Adrian

family20t.jpg (4453 bytes)

Damon and Adrian

family21t.jpg (3826 bytes)

Aunt Deanna & Adrian

family22t.jpg (4076 bytes)

Deanna and Adrian

family23t.jpg (4157 bytes)

Matthew with Adrian

family24t.jpg (2974 bytes)

Grandpa John, Matthew,
and Adrian

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