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Matthew has had difficult recovering from the loss of his son, however the tragedy has provided him with a focus and a direction. He is determined to become a respiratory therapist for infants and would like to one day work at Seattle Children's Hospital.

In January  - March, 2004, Matt attended classes to become a Certified Nurse's Assistant (CNA). Soon after these courses were finished, he started a job at Laurel Hills Nursing Center in Grants Pass, Oregon as a Nurse's Assistant.

In July 2004, he passed his state certification exams and officially became a CNA. He has continued to work at Laurel Hills Nursing Center since that time and just recently started a similar job at Three Rivers Community Hospital in Grants Pass as a CNA working in the various departments in the hospital. He has also had the opportunity to work as a CNA in the pediatric beds of the hospital. This experience will hopefully lead to his ultimate goal of becoming a respiratory therapist and providing care for infants such as his son, Adrian Cole.

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